Renzo - the story of a stray dog
The true story about Renzo the stray dog and how his life changed...
Nothing is impossible. The impossible just takes a little longer.
Who am I

Johan Wallman has been working as a real estate agent and economist for more than 25 years. He has also been working on self-development in collaboration with some great lecturers and nowadays, on top of everything else, he is also an author. The writing process made him think in new ways and he decided to change his stressful existence, begin a new lifestyle, and do something meaningful.

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Our Mission

Sometimes something happens to one self that is so important that it sort of changes the conditions of the playing field of life and completely turns it around. To receive Renzo to our home was such a thing for me and my family. Life got a little tougher, but also much richer and more enjoyable.

Today many dogs live difficult lives. Renzo was such a dog. To heal after a lot of difficult experiences is not easy.

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