The Project

Sometimes something happens to one self that is so important that it sort of changes the conditions of the playing field of life and completely turns it around. To receive Renzo to our home was such a thing for me and my family. Life got a little tougher, but also much richer and more enjoyable.

Today many dogs live difficult lives. Renzo was such a dog. To heal after a lot of difficult experiences is not easy. It is also not easy to be the one who pieces together a wounded individual. But it is possible. When he came to us his life changed fundamentally. After a long struggle, small miracles began to occur. He slowly found joy and trust, and security return to him, little by little, day by day. This made something happen to everyone involved.

During the writing of the book Renzo The True Story of a Stray Dog, I became aware of what I want to do in my life. I decided to devote a large portion of my time to help dogs that live difficult lives. We are now starting up the project ”For Renzo and all stray Dogs”. Our plan with the project is to help dogs by donating money from the revenues of the book to dog shelters and dog adoption organizations around the world.

We also want to raise public awareness about the great opportunities there are to adopt a homeless dog and get a loyal friend for life.

John Wallman