Press reviews



“ It all started with me adopting a stray dog from Romania ” 

Mäklarvärlden – Sweden’s largest magazine for real estate agents



“ A real estate agent who fellt in love with a Romanian stray dog. A real heart warming story. ”

Härliga Hund – Sweden’s largest dog magazine



“ In this book, we follow the former stray dog Renzo on his way from a dog shelter in Romania to an eagerly waiting family in Sweden. I was very touched by this story. The book also provides a useful insight into the background to the current situation of Romania’s homeless dogs. ”

DjurensRätt – Sweden’s largest animal right’s- and animal protection organisation



“ The hilarious life of a stray dog. In Sweden the family are waiting like a child on Christmas Eve for the arrival. Then everything is set on its head and… ”

Bokspegeln – Sweden’s largest reading guide magazine



“ It started with a cry for help. “Renzo need’s help quickly. Do you want to adopt him?” The Romanian stray dog Renzo was bullied by the other dogs in the shelter, eventually he ended up in Sweden at the Wallman’s family residence who adopted him. This is a story filled with love. ”

Året Runt – One of Sweden’s largest weekly magazines