”Wow, what a story! A ‘must’ for every doglover! Tears in my eyes. Highly recommend this book.”

Mirella, Netherlands

“Really good read. Made me feel, as long as we care there is always hope.
Renzo is proof.”

Julie, UK

”This is one of those books you recommend to people 20 years after you’ve read it.“

Douglas Rice, Florida

“This book is a must-read for dog lovers everywhere!”

Jennifer LaShorne, Florida

“Incredibly touching. You will love the book.”

Marika Örnstig, Stockholm

“I really recommend others to read this book.”

Emelie Nordin, Stockholm

“I heartly recommend this book. I guarantee you will love it.”

Annica Eriksson, Stockholm

“The book speaks straight to the heart and I am grateful to have read it.”

Clary Wikström, Stockholm

“A wonderful story.”

Fredrik Torneus, Stockholm