The Song

I believe that nothing is coincidence. Sometimes there’s a flow of things coming your way, accompanied with a strong feeling that it was all meant to be.

That’s what happened when I, by happenstance, met an English couple in Bulgaria, who are devoting their retirement to rescuing as many stray dogs as they can. We had planned a benefit concert for their rescue organization where I was going to perform, but the universe decided it was not the right time. Although it was disappointing, it felt as if it was meant to happen that way. Out of it came the idea to write a song about stray dogs. For inspiration, I turned to the internet for poems and true stories about stray dogs. Very quickly the book about Renzo stood out in my search results, so I immediately sent an email to the author. A little later I received a very positive response from Johan who sent me a copy of his book. By then I had already written my song and was in the process of recording it. A few days later Johan and I spoke on the phone and agreed that us working together on this project is meant to be. We look forward to where this will take us and hope it will help many stray dogs come off the streets and into forever homes. We also hope to find a way to deal with the source of the problem and not just the symptoms.

The book is a great read with shocking stories of how big the problem is in some countries. It is also a heartwarming story with such a happy ending for Renzo.