The book about Renzo is incredibly touching.
It will move you to tears and sorrow, but also to laughter and joy.
It was great to get to know Renzo and his new family.
Read it!!  You will love the book. 

Marika Örnstig

Biologist and dog breeder, Stockholm

A warm story about the stray dog Renzo.
A story in which tears are mixed with laughter and joy. A book filled with love that I really would recommend others to read. 

Emelie Nordin

Mailman and dog owner

 The story of Renzo is a fantastic book. I got the book for Christmas and couldn’t stop reading it until it was over. The family’s involvement in Renzo touched me indeed. There were many tears and much laughter, as when dad Johan walked “the Mutt” in the middle of the night wearing a bathrobe, rubber boots while having lumbago. One is moved by the story and I am really looking forward to a sequel with the Wallmans family crazy escapades. I heartily recommend the book. I guarantee you will love it if you are an animal lover like me. 

Annica Eriksson

Administrator, sales assistant, F & H of Scandinavia AB

The story about Renzo is well written and speaks straight to the heart. This is a book that provokes many thoughts and feelings. You cry, get upset, you sigh and are relieved when you are walked through Renzos early life as a puppy, then as a shelter dog and when he finally gets his own family. With a smile on your lips you read about Renzo´s daily challenges with a family who loves him for both his shortcomings and strengths. I am very grateful to have read this inspiring book and recommend others to read it. It will for a long time be my favorite birthday present to anyone I know.

Clary Wikström

Photographer and shop owner, Stockholm, Sweden

 A very captivating book written in a language that both attracts laughter and reflection.
A hilarious and wonderful story of a proud dog owner who refuses to give up. Read it !! 

Fredrik Torneus

Brokerage Assistant