Renzo The Story Of A Stray Dog

It is pure happenstance that this story was written at all. The whole thing was about to end before it even got started.

“Renzo needs help ASAP,” shouted the bold capitals from the home page. “Will you adopt him?” That set the whole thing off.

In this book, you’ll meet the Romanian stray dog, Renzo, and learn how he was bullied and set upon by the other dogs. Renzo was adopted by the Wallmans, a Swedish family, and, since that day, nothing was ever the same for any one of those involved.

Join us for pranks and mischief – like the day Renzo moved into the pantry and refused to move out. Read about his struggle to make friends with the family’s large poodles, Oliver and Athena, and his unreasonable fear of absolutely everything.

Time and time again, I kept asking myself what kind of hare brain project I had gotten myself into.